Bing Oscars Quiz

With just two months to go until the Oscars, Bing had launched the academic awards experienced. Bing said that the most searched topics on Bing include the list of Oscar nominees, red carpet fashion, latest trending events, winners and more. And the academy awards keyword search delivers the Bing Academic Awards guide. This contains tabs that link to search for Past Highlights, Red Carpet Rewind, and also the Best Picture Winners. These three tabs take you to the result pages that features a carousel with all the related contents.

Bing Oscars Quiz

And here the Oscars Quiz tab contains up to 10 questions at the top of the search page or you can also call it Bing Oscars Quiz. This quiz game offers you a chance to test your knowledge about Oscar.

Oscar Quizzes

Bing has also said that they are planning to keep up the academic guide updated from the lead and throughout the night of the Oscars handed out to the nominees. Once all the golden trophies have been awarded, Bing will post the full list of the Oscar winners and also the memorable moments of the night.

Moreover, Bing has also said that Windows 10 users can ask the digital assistance, Cortana questions related to Oscars or best Oscar facts. So you press the Start button from your Windows 10 computer, and type “who will win the best picture Oscar award?”.

What to Expect from Bing Academic Award?

Here are a few points of what to expect from Bing’s Academic Award Guide-

Nominees & Predictions

You can go to the guide to see the list of nominees and predictions for all the 24 Oscar categories. Also, when you are searching for categories, you can check out the movie and many more.

Previous Red Carpet Fashion

See what your favorite celebrities have worn at the red carpet fashion in previous years.

Bing Oscars Quiz

If you are an Academic award fond, you can take the quiz and test how much historical information you have about Oscar.

You can go to this Friday, and check out the Oscar quizzes to test your knowledge. If you answer the questions correctly, you will stand a chance to win actual canteen that was used by the Oscar-nominated movie The Revenant actor who has played the role of Hawk, named Forrest Goodluck.

Roll-Out the Red Carpet

The academy award guide includes the updates of red carpet throughout the night. Bing discusses the highlight of the nights, so check regularly to know what’s new. Bing will update each category to show the winner information as soon as the show ends and the list of winners is released.

Bing Oscars Quiz

From leading up of the show to during and after the show, Bing will update every news about Academy Award so that you can always know what’s going on. You can play Bing Oscars Quiz from to check out how much you know about Oscar and the previous winners along with the nominees. Visit every Friday to play Bing weekly quiz.


Bing Fitness Quiz- How Well Do You Know About Yourself?

Taking Bing Fitness Quizzes and assessments is a fun way to experiment with your knowledge about nutrition, health, yoga, etc. Moreover, it helps you in discovering more about yourself. Microsoft has been conducting a daily quiz and weekly quiz on the Bing homepage to engage the visitors and users. There are many categories of quizzes that people play and Bing Fitness Quiz is one of them. It is basically made to attract users and test their IQs on certain topics. You can participate in the quiz program to see how much you understand about fitness.

Bing Fitness Quiz

About Bing Quiz

When you visit, at the bottom of the home screen, you will notice a graduation hat icon. When you hover your mouse over it, you will see a set of 3 questions. Choose your best answer and at the end of the completion, you will find out whether or not you have given the correct answer. You will get a score that you can share on social media or you can also keep going with the previous quizzes.

Microsoft said that ever since the quiz feature has been added on the Bing homepage, the users have been increased by 65%. Microsoft also confirmed that they will continue to update the feature to inspire the audience learning about new things every day.

You can join the Bing weekly quiz from the Popular Now carousel at the bottom of the home page screen. The weekly quiz contains a set of 7 questions in different types of categories. Every Friday users from the US will find the question sets on the homepage and the questions will contain news from different parts of the world. Microsoft also has started polls about current events and latest trends. So it is the best way to test how well updated you are about the latest news and trending topics.

Bing Fitness Quiz

Bing Fitness Quiz contains a set of 10 questions about fitness. It may contain yoga, health, foods, drinks, nutrition, and lifestyle. You can answer the questions to test how well you maintain your diet, fitness, and lifestyle. By taking the quizzes, you will discover more about yourself.

These kinds of quiz games are encouraging for quiz lovers. They come to visit for playing quizzes and earning rewards at the same time. Microsoft reward program (also known as Bing reward program) has increased the users of the Bing search engine. Microsoft gives you points for searching on Bing and completing tasks, you can later convert those points in real money and buy stuff from the Microsoft store for free.

Bing Fitness Quiz

If you are a US resident but have not joined the reward program yet, do it now. Also, if you love to play quiz or trivia, you should check out the Bing homepage and play one of the most fascinating games Bing Fitness Quiz. Let us know in the comment box below if you need any further information about Bing quiz or Bing Fitness Quiz.

Bing News Quiz

Bing provides users with accurate news that are happening and happened throughout the world. It gathers news from different countries, nation, and local. This feature was organized to update visitors with in-depth knowledge of what is going on all over the world. It contains various categories such as entertainment, sport, business, etc. Nowadays, when you visit the Bing homepage, you will notice the new  Bing News Quiz feature. Bing offers quizzes to visitors or users to know how much they are updated with the current affairs. If you use Bing rarely, you will want to use it regularly.

Bing News Quiz

What is Special About the  Bing News Quiz?

There are many users who have joined the Bing quizzes. If you join too, you will be pretty glad about the new features that Bing is offering to the users. Bing news quizzes are so much like Bing weekly quizzes, Bing daily quiz, and Bing trends quiz. The news quiz apparently, increases the visitors into the Bing search engine. As fun as the weekly news quiz is, it also can bring you free money and stuff. For example, when you are entering the correct answers, you are earning points, and with those points, you can buy stuff from the Microsoft store for free.

To register to the Bing rewards program and play quizzes, you simply need to go to However, if your search settings in not already in English, you have to change it first. The game is only available in the United States. After visiting, you need to open the carousel by clicking on the icon from the bottom of your screen. You will quickly find the Bing Weekly Quiz logo which you have to click to start the Bing news game.

How To Play Bing News Quiz?

There is a total of 7 questions that you have to answer. All of those questions are from different categories such as sports, entertainment, news, etc. If you think that you are really updated with everything that is happening in your surroundings, then you can take a shot. To answer the questions correctly, first read them carefully. After completing the journey, Bing will show you the score.

Based on some research, this newly created feature has increased the visitors in the Bing platform by 65%. There are some people who visit Bing to check out the latest news related to business, entertainment, sports and many more, but they do not join in the weekly quiz contest.

weekly news quiz

There is also an interesting feature that is a poll. It enables you to review the current events and trending topics. The Bing quiz is usually posted on every Fridays and to play the quiz, first, find the Popular Now carousel from the bottom of the screen of the homepage. You can answer 10 questions from 10 popular trends that have been occurred in the past week. Here we are encouraging you to play the Bing News Quiz and score very high!

Take Bing Grammys Quiz to Test Your Music Knowledge

Many people like to play quizzes to test how much knowledge they have gathered in a particular field. Bing has created such a quiz program where users can participate to play Bing quiz. The quizzes are held in many categories such as sports, politics, holiday quizzes, entertainment quizzes and many more. Bing Grammys Quiz is one of them. Here you will have to take the quiz and will have to provide the correct answers related to Grammy award.

 Bing Grammys Quiz

If you are a music lover, you would love this one as it is the best way to test how much knowledge you have regarding music. The quiz program is only available in the USA, so people outside the country might not get the same chance. Usually, there is a Bing weekly quiz that occurs every Friday. There is a selection of total 7 questions that you need to answer in order to complete the game. In the weekly quiz, the 7 questions are chosen from various news categories to detect how many people are updated with the latest news. The weekly quiz contains news from all around the world, nation, and local.

About Bing Grammys Quiz

Nowadays, a huge number of award shows are telecasted, but only a few ones are selected as real awards. For example, for movies, you can say Oscar, and for TV, you can say Emmys, and for music, Grammys it is! The first Grammy award was presented back in the year 1958 to set the quality standard in the music industry. Since then, there are many musicians and songwriters have won the Grammy award. But as a music lover, do you really know enough about this music award? Well, it is the time for testing your knowledge with Bing Grammys Quiz.

Take the Bing Grammys Quiz from and answer the questions to know how much you know about Grammys. There will be a total set of 10 questions and you will have to give the correct answer to each. After finishing the game, you will be shown how much you have scored. You can share your score on social media to invite friends playing this Grammy quiz.

Bing.Com Grammy Quizzes

Grammy quizzes may contain tricky questions, and if you are not decently knowledgeable about music, then you might not make a high score. Bing quiz contest was created by Microsoft rewards program to catch visitors and users attention. Similarly, by conducting these kinds of question-answer games, Bing wants to test how many people are updated about the daily news let it be about music, movies, sports, or politics.

 Bing Grammys Quiz

If you really want to be a part of this Bing quiz game, please go to and search for the Popular Now carouse from the bottom of the screen. From there, you can choose among various question categories and apparently, Bing Grammys Quiz. Let’s answer those questions and see how much you know about the Grammys award. You can also sign up to the Microsoft rewards program if you are a USA resident. By signing in that program, you can earn free rewards by completing simple tasks and search on the BING search engine. Let’s drop a comment below if you need more information about the same.

Bing Holiday Quiz 2019

Many of us like to play quizzes to test our knowledge in a particular section. Playing quizzes helps us learning things in various kinds of field and also keeps us engaged in the game. And when you earn money by completing simple trivia games, the quizzes become even interesting. Bing users reside in the US, get 7 questions every Friday. And with answering these questions, you can check out how much you keep updated with the latest news. Bing Holiday Quiz is fun and more engaging. You can answer some simple holiday quizzes and learn a lot about your personality.

Bing Holiday Quiz

How to Play Bing Holiday Quiz?

Holidays have a special space in our hearts. We all wait for holidays to show up so that we can get to spend quality time with our families and friends. There are a variety of holidays for various cultures around the globe. Whether it is New Years, Christmas, Easter, Halloween, we all have different reasons for liking holidays. But these Bing holiday quizzes will judge your personality traits based on the answers you give.

Bing quiz not only for fun but also for earning some money while you enjoy playing the games. Microsoft has designed this reward program for the users so that they can use the Bing search engine more actively. It started off as giving away rewards for searching on Bing, and later it has launched some other features such as playing trivia, completing tasks, playing polls, etc. Participating in the program and playing games, completing tasks will earn you points, and later you can turn those Bing points into cash.

Bing Quizzes Benefits

By joining the holiday quizzes program, you can learn and earn. So, open your browser and type in the search bar. If you are from the US or staying in a country that supports the Microsoft rewards program, you can participate in the reward program. If you find your search engine is in any language other than English, modify it first. And then open the carousel, tap on its icon from the bottom of the screen. You can also find the Bing logo which is tagged on Bing weekly quiz, just click on it to join the weekly quiz.

Bing Holiday Quiz

Bing weekly quizzes are much more interesting that Holiday quizzes, as you can know about the current affairs that happened throughout the week. News junkies who watch the news regularly will enjoy this game and win. But the one who don’t, will, to win the game. So don’t waste your time and go sign up to the Bing rewards program and let’s see how updated you are. Also, the Bing Holiday Quiz is an interesting way to keep yourself engaged in the game, so play the Bing Holiday Quiz first and then try out Bing weekly quiz to earn more points. Tip: more points + more fun= more money.

What is Bing Homepage Quiz | How to Play

From the past few years, Bings makes the homepage even more interesting with the Bing Homepage Quiz contest. Some research states that there are some people who like to play random quizzes, games, and polls to engage themselves in learning about different things. Bing has also made significant changes into its homepage in the year of 2009. It has transmitted homepage hotspots into homepage trivia.

bing homepage quiz

The new features in the Bing homepage contain Bing quiz. Bing offers Bing homepage quiz gallery for everyone. When you visit, you will locate a graduation cap icon that enables you to play three questions quiz. If you are fond of playing trivia, you can play this homepage quiz game to test your knowledge. This quiz program was created to know how many users are interested in reading and watching the news.

Best of Bing Homepage Quizzes

If you are interested in taking a part in this Bing homepage quizzes program, there are a few things that you have to do. First, visit and wait for a few minutes to see an icon with a scholastic cap, after this, you have to click on the icon. Then you will find three questions. Just complete it with the right answers and you will be the winner. You can share your score on social media or you can also keep playing the quizzes from previous days.

You can go to if you are interested in playing Bing quizzes. First, you have to change your homepage settings of Bing into English if it is in any other language. After this step, you have to click on the carousel button at the bottom of the screen. When you see the Bing Weekly Quiz logo, let’s just click on it. And finally, you can join the quiz. There is a total of 7 questions that you have to answer weekly to get rewards. You can play quizzes on many topics such as entertainment, sports, politics, etc.

Bing Homepage Quiz Answers

After this feature was launched, in less than one month, more than sixty-five percent of users have joint that quiz program. Hence, based on that, Bing updates its home page regularly. They offer many quizzes so that people can know about the latest news and earn a reward at the same time. Recently, Bing has also started the polls feature which is one of the newest features of Bing Quiz. You can review the polls and earn points to convert them into cash afterward. The more points you get the more money you will make. So it is a suggestion to play quizzes every day and the other games that you like. After all, it is going to bring you some free money in what you do anyways, play games.

 bing homepage quizzes

Bing Love Quiz | Love Quiz 2019

Many people love to play quizzes to test their general and social knowledge. Playing quizzes helps us learning different kinds of things and also we can test how much we know about a certain field. Sometimes playing quizzes gives us rewards and that’s the reason why people get attracted towards it. Bing weekly quiz offers you to check your knowledge about current affairs that happen throughout the week. On every Friday, you will have to answer 7 questions asked on the latest news. And Bing Love Quiz is just another part of the Bing quiz contest.

Bing Love Quiz

If you are willing to play Bing Quiz, you simply need to navigate to If you are residing in the US or any other country that supports the Bing rewards program, you can join the program. While visiting, make sure that your engine settings language is English. Find the Bing Weekly Quiz at the bottom of the screen and click on it to join the quiz.

Love quiz is an interesting way to check out your love life with your partner. There are so many questions that you can answer to find out what kind of relationship you need in your life or what kind of relationship you are into. Bing love quizzes consist of different sets of questions that you can answer to check out the love compatibility with your partner. By answering those questions you can complete the round and qualify for the next round. Completing rounds will turn into credits and later you can withdraw those credits for exciting prizes.

Win Rewards with Bing Quizzes

The quiz program is very famous in the United States. There are so many users who join the weekly quiz context every Friday. People who like to play quiz games and trivia, this is the best chance for them where they are not only playing but also getting amazing prizes for answering simple questions. Now clearly it was a good shot that Microsoft Bing has taken to win people’s heart.

If you are not yet the part of the program, don’t worry at all. You can go ahead and sign up for the same. Bing has created this game to observe how much people read news nowadays, but if you are not a news junkie, you will get motivated by this game.

Convert Rewards into Real Money

At the bottom of the homepage, you can find the Popular Now carousel and that option will give you 10 questions from popular categories. All the questions will be based on the news that happened in the past week and after completing the round, Bing will show you the total score. Apart from Bing Love Quiz, there are so many categories available such as entertainment, technology, culture and so on. You can choose according to your choice and play them to get real rewards.

Bing Love Quiz

You can also play this on a daily basis, and there are also so many things to check on to if you are bored with the trivia game.

Microsoft Rewards- A Complete Guide

We all want free money. And this Bing rewards (now known as Microsoft Rewards), offers you that. The reward program consists of searching the web with the Bing search engine instead of Google. This program is absolutely free to join and you can earn Bing credits on any of your devices.

microsoft rewards

Using the Bing search engine is not the only way to gather points. You can use the Microsoft Edge browser on your device, complete surveys, complete quizzes, check out your email and earn points. Here we will talk about everything you need to know about the Bing reward program.

Signing Up for Microsoft Rewards Program

Just open your browser and enter From there you can join the reward program for free. You need a Microsoft account to sign up for this reward. If you don’t have a Microsoft account, it will be better if you create one. After joining, you will default to the first level or two levels in the reward program.

Level 1 Vs Level 2 Microsoft Rewards

Bing rewards

The second level members benefit more than the first level members. You will need to earn 500 points per month to reach the second level where you can get 10% off on Starbucks gift cards. 1st level members get 3 points per Bing search and 3 points for using Edge. But when users reach the 2nd level, they can double their points every time they search on Bing or perform other tasks.

Microsoft Rewards Dashboard

Microsoft Rewards dashboard is the main hub where you can find many offers on items, many tasks added newly, and you can also check out your points. Here you can do the transaction of those points into free prizes and gift cards.

How Can I Earn Microsoft Rewards Points?- Easy Ways

Microsoft rewards

There are many easy ways you can earn credits, and in this section, we will talk about them. You can earn a different number of points every day by performing a different kind of tasks. Let’s check out the numerous ways you can earn credits by using your computer and mobile.

Web Search

You can use Bing for searching the web. Usually, searching on Google doesn’t pay us any money, but if you do the same search on Bing, you can earn credits. You can use your PC or mobile whatever you like.

Browse on Edge

Microsoft Edge is a fast and seamless browser available for Android and PC. You can earn 6 points per Bing search you perform from Edge.

Daily Offers, Quizzes, and Shopping

Microsoft Rewards page shows your daily offer that can earn you some extra benefits. Apart from that, you can also complete various quizzes, and questions answer to earn credits. Shopping from Microsoft store can also give you a huge bonus.

What Do I Get In the Exchange of Those Points?

After earning credits you can redeem free stuff like Amazon gift cards, Starbucks gift cards, Burger King, Xbox Live Rewards Membership Cards, Windows Microsoft Store credit, and much more. Sometimes, you can also get free device accessories with those points.

Unfortunately, this program is not available outside the US and UK. But slowly this reward is spreading across many countries. Let us know in the comment below if you have any query regarding Microsoft Rewards.



12 Easy Steps to Get Free Stuff Via Microsoft’s Rewards Program

Who doesn’t like cool stuff and that is also for free? Yes, I’m no one to kidding! Microsoft Rewards is all about earning points through performing simple tasks. These simple tasks include browsing with Microsoft Edge, searching the web using Microsoft’s Bing search engine etc. After completing a desired number of tasks, you can score gift cards for popular retail stores get discounts on various specific products, apparel, and other items and get a chance to enter into sweepstakes for more lucrative items. For all these, you have to follow 12 easy steps that will Get you Free Stuff Via Microsoft’s Rewards Program.

bing quiz

Free Stuff Via Microsoft’s Rewards Program for Free Movies, Apps, Games, and More!

You can get free stuff from this reward program, but for that, you have to follow some steps as I have given below-

Create a Microsoft Account

First thing’s first, you need a Microsoft account to participate in the reward program. If you already have not created one, it is the high time for you to create a Microsoft account. After creating the account, browse to the Microsoft reward site and click on the button provided at the bottom of the page to join for free. Microsoft rewards you for using Edge, so you can also install the browser on your device.

Get Started with the Reward Program

In the first stage, Microsoft welcomes the new participates with little quizzes and Q&A. If you do well in this stage, you are assured to get 100 points. However, this is not the last stage of this reward program.

Use Bing for Free Points

bing rewards

Microsoft also allows you to earn point by searching through Bing and using the web browser called Microsoft Edge!

Pick A Reward!

Microsoft then lets you know what kind of free stuff you can get by collecting and redeeming those free points. They ask you what kind of things you would like to spend your points on and then it requests you to set a goal.


Once you finish answering all those questions and quizzes, you can check out your reward’s dashboard.

Reward Page

The reward page will appear in front of your nose, showing the points you have earned by completing all those quizzes. You can also check out what other types of tasks and activities you can perform to earn more points.

Set a Goal for Microsoft’s Rewards Program

The setup menu contains the option of three possible goals which you can also change from the  “Your Goal” section. You can change the goal by clicking on the Remove goal option and set a new goal by clicking on the “Set Goal” option.

Pick a New Goal

You can also set a goal like playing an Xbox game and similar things.


Microsoft would then take you to the main rewards page to show you the additional points you have earned by setting up new goals. Then you can also investigate the page to find more tasks to perform for more points.

Turbocharge Quiz is also a Part of the Reward Program

Click Turbocharge Quiz to take a quiz where you can find answers from Bing search engine.


bing quiz

Earning more and more points will only bring you the opportunity to get cool stuff for free!

Did you know, you can get almost all items available in the Microsoft store by earning points? Sounds cool, isn’t it? So don’t waste any time and Get Free Stuff Via Microsoft’s Rewards Program now!


How to Search Without Using Google

Google can be the major search engine worldwide that processes 40,000 searches per second, there are also many ways you can search the web without using Google. Most people do not know about  Google’s advanced search features where you can find search results by setting time, file type and website type. Still, there are certain resources that provide better results than Google. So, let’s learn How to Search Without Using Google.

Bing quiz

There are some sites where you can search for movies, others archive GIFs and the most important fact is that they take care of your privacy absolutely well. Here I am going to talk about some top sites that you can use instead of Google.

Find Streaming Movies Without Using Google

You can find movies anywhere, but difficult tasks are to find the right site. And then, there is this free website called just watch. This site stream through movies available on Netflix, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu, HBO, YouTube, iTunes, Roku and Vudu and lets you watch them for free if the movie is available for free. You can filter your search by year, rating, price, genre, quality and age rating.

Another alternative site is  GoWatchIt. Along with 2.5 million movies and 50,000 regular users, the site also comes with a user-friendly interface and offers you contents available in your region.

How to Search Without Using Google- GIFs Search

Using GIFs is another way of expressing our emotions and sentiments that a single comment or photo can’t express. You can find GIFs from social media platforms like Facebook, and Twitter etc. but the most convenient place is  Giphy. You only just have to enter the Keyword and plenty of gifs will appear, then click on the gif you want to use and hit the “Copy link” button on the right pane. Choose your preferred format and share them anywhere you like.

You can also download the Giphy app on your smartphone and share gifs on Facebook, Messenger, Instagram, Snapchat, or Twitter and many more.

How to Search Without Using Google- Space Images

No matter how old we get, the night sky will always fascinate us. And the best way to explore the cosmos is by watching online videos. NASA has an image library of pictures across 60 collections combined into one searchable database. No matter if you are searching for the solar system, far-off galaxies or the moon landings, you can browse through NASA images and download them for free and share them with your friends.

Make Money from Not Using Google

Maybe you have already heard the name of Microsoft’s search engine, Bing. It’s a competitor of Google and is a free service, also very powerful. Just sign up to and Microsoft will pay you for web searches you search through Bing. Microsoft rewards you Amazon, Starbucks, Burger King, Xbox, Microsoft Store or other types of gift cards, as well as sweepstakes entries for using their search engine.

That’s it. If you know more ways for How to Search Without Using Google, please let us know in the comment box below.